Online resources

This site is under sonstruction. Please check in soon again – there will be more useful links added very soon!

Online shops

Medeltidsmode – Fabric store that sells linen. wool, hemp and silk. Webpage in Swedish.

Olde Hansa – Medieval Restaurant and Shop in Tallinn Estonia. Webpage in several languages.

Handelsgillet – Materials for reanactors. Swedish website.

Fettered Cock Pewters – Belts, beltfittings, Pilgrim Badges etc.

Medieval Design – Italian store for reanactors. Website avaliable in English.

Natur Tuche – Fabric store that sells linnen and wool. Avaliable in English.

Renaissance Fabrics – Really nice silk damasks for renaissance clothing.

Renaissance dyeing– Nice place to buy naturally dyed woolen yarns!

Historiska rum – Fantastic shop, has fabrics and loads of other useful things. Reproduced real brocades can be found here! Website is in Swedish.

Vehi Mercatus – German store with camp equipment and buckles, clasps and other useful stuff! You have to ignore the less authentic stuff though… 😉

Costuming websites

Elizabethan Costume Page – Lots of information on Elizabethan dress.

The Mary of Hapsburg dress – Inforamtion about cut and construction of the Mary of Hapsburg dress.

Archeological Sewing – Lots of information about stitches and seams.


Bildindex der Kunst und Architektur – Search after objects and artwork from Museums in Germany.

The Leonfeldner Schnittbuch – A 16:th century German pattern book from the Stadtmuseum in Linz.

Pictures of extant originals –  Website with pictures of extant pieces of costume – both medieval and renaissance.

Soaper Lane – Soper Lane is a group of women who have studied the working lives of fifteenth century silkwomen.

Imareal — Digital picture archive.

Medieval and Renaissance Material Culture – Karen Larsdotters research page.

Sewing  Stitches used in Medieval Clothing – Information about stitches found in specific original clothes.

Das Ständebuch 1568 – Book by German woodcut artist Jost Amman (ca.1539-1591) depicting various trades.

Bavarian Hofkleiderbuch 1508-1551 – Original book online.

Germania International – Some original items used by Landsknechts or depicting landsknechts.

Kriegsreisende – History of solidiers – including landsknechts. Website is in German.

Mammen embroidery – Embroidery patterns from the Mammen finds.

De arte athletica I – Volume I of ‘De Arte Athletica’ by Paul (Paulus) Hector Mair (mid-1500s) is online at the Bavarian State Library.

Kleinodienbuch der Herzogin Anna von Bayern 1552-1555 – Book full of drawings of 16:th century German jewelry.

Das Sächsische Stammbuch The Saxon Court Pedigree by Lucas Cranach, 1500-1546

Trachtenbuch des Matthäus Schwarz aus Augsburg – 1520-1560

Frauen trachtenbuch by ”Thrasibulus Torrentinus” – 1586

Trachtenbuch – Hans Weigel & Jost Amman 1577, some of the pictures of working women from ”Habitus praecipuorum populorum, tam virorum quam foeminarum singulari arte depicti. Trachtenbuch darin fast allerley und der furnembsten Nationen die heutigs tags bekandt sein.”

Cranach digital archive  a collection of Cranach works.


Medieval Cookery – Recepies, Menues and links to online cookbooks.

Medieval Gastronomy – A small book with information about food, cooking and meals.

Calligraphy and Illuminations

Randy Asplund – The webpage of Sir RanthulfR, OL.

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