Pennsic 40 project

I haven’t had that much time to blog lately since my new physio therapist is having me rest my shoulder so that we can get more mobility in the arm eventually. But I thought that while I wait to be able to do two longer posts on some of the gifts I recieved at my elevation and the dress I wore at that occasion I could at least post two pictures of the progress of my Pennsic 40 project.

It all started with a bunch of us saying it would be cool to do something for Pennsic 40 and eventually we went with making heraldic dresses to be used at opening ceremonies and later. When living in Drachenwald we don’t really get an oportunity to be a Kingdom in the sense of we and them if you get my drift. We don’t have a war with another Kingdom, we don’t have Kingdom encampments… In Drachenwald the Principalities or Baronies march to war against eachother.
But at Pennsic we do get to be The Kingdom of Drachenwald and that is a rare thing that we want to make the most of!

So my project is a sideless surcote from the late 14:th century/begining of 15:th century. The debate on how and if the heraldic surcotes were really ever used has been lively and I am aware that this might not be all that historically accurate.
However – if the heraldic sideless surcotes were used they had a ceremonial purpose – and I would say that opening ceremonies at Pennsic is just that! 🙂
Mostly I am doing this dress to be able to show off that I am a Drachenwalder!
Half of the skirt will feature my own arms – the other half the Drachenwald populace badge. But I have altered them a bit.
Theese are my arms:

Theese are the Drachenwald arms:

And here is the panel featuring my arms:

The two parts of the panel will be joined together to form half of the skirt for a sideless surcote. The fabric used is wool and the aplique is fastened by couching a thick wool thread down with a thin one to form a black outline.

This is the panel featuring the Drachenwald arms:

The dragons were challanging to cut out and will most likely be dreadful to couch down – but I am happy with the over all look of the skirt panels!

The difficult candidate

This was not the blog post I thought I would write after Double Wars. In fact, I was planing to write about my new dress and some on the Arts and Sciences during this 10 day Drachenwald event. However, their Majesties had a big surprise for me.
On Wednesday the 1:st of July I was sent to vigil for elevation to the Order of the Laurel.
And I had absolutely NO clue!
Now, looking back, I must have been blind and def to all hints. And lots of things that happened in the past months suddenly make sense. 🙂
But I did not make life easy for all of my friends that were involved in organizing this big event for me.
First I had the shoulder surgery, and then it looked like it had gone wrong so I would have to go back and have it done all over again.
Then, one day before leaving for Double Wars, I decided that my new dress was a disaster and I would burn it and let my dear Lord go to the event on his own.
Once he had gotten me to Double Wars everyone thought that the rest would be easy. But no. On the Wednesday when I was going to be sent to my vigil I was in a really terrible mood and declared that I wouldn’t go to court and instead have a nap. And on top of it all, I did a small disapearing act on everyone when I  went to one of my protéges pavillion and sat there sewing for a while.
They managed to get me to court by telling me that one of my protéges would get an award – since they knew I would want to be there and share her joy.
I did think it was slightly strange that my close friend Helena was so helpful with me getting dressed for that court. But since I have had that shoulder surgery I figured that she was just being nice and making sure I got the help I needed.
And once there everything changed into a dream!
My vigil was set up in  a pavillion and they had decorated it and made sure it looked as historicaly correct as possible. I got some wonderful marcipan decorations (that were very yummy too!), fruit, pies, cheese, medieval cookies and pies of different kinds.
There were flowers and some gifts ready at a table for me, and before it was set out for everyone to sign I got to see my vigil book made by Lord Ludewic. After that everything is practically a big fun blur even though I remember things better than from my Pelican vigil where I was just so completely overwhealmed that I couldn’t remember a thing.

The rest of what happened I will now show you in pictures. And later this week I intend to post a special blog on all the wonderful gifts I recieved. I am blessed with many great friends that made this day truely special and magical. Thank you all for making me feel like a Princess for 24 hours!!!

All pictures except one are taken by THL Lia de Thornegge who graciously let me publish theese pictures on my blog.

Sir GrimR and my vigil guards escort me to my vigil pavillion.
My wonderful vigil guards that stayed with me until 3 o´clock in the morning when the last visitor left the pavillion.
Sir GrimR escorts me to Their Majesties for my elevation. I am wearing my new dress that is made of a red and bronze silk damask and a dark chocolae brown silk velvet that is 100% silk. My veil over the wulsthaube is made of a thin wool and decorated with a silk/metal thread trim. The underskirt is made of linnen at the top and a wide stripe of a green silk damask at the bottom.
Me kneeling in front of Queen Eleonora.
Mistress Helena spoke for me as a member of the Order of the Laurel. She and I both live in the Barony of Aarnimetsä.
Sir George spoke for me as a member of the Order of the Chivalry. We both started in the SCA at about the same time and he lives in my home Shire, The Shire of Attemark.
My protéges and my dear lord all got front row places during the ceremony. From the left: Lady Åsa Fredriksdotter, Lord Vilhelm Torbjörnsson (holding my banner), in the background my lord Sir GrimR and then Viscountess Whilja de Gothia.
Mistress Johanna spoke for me as a member of the Order of the Pelican. We also both live in the Barony of Aarnimetsä.
Countess Judith spoke for me as a Lady of the Rose. We helped eachother through some tough times in the SCA together.
Lady Sahra spoke for me as a member of the populace. This is a rather new ”tradition” in Drachenwald and Lady Sahra also lives in the Barony of Aarnimetsä.
Duchess Alienor tells about the lineage of the medallion. It was given to her to keep for a Nordmark Laurel from Duchess Anna Blackleaf (I started in the SCA in the Principality of Nordmark, Shire of Attemark). Duchess Anna and I used to make scrolls together (for instance) when she lived in Drachenwald, and I cried some more when I was presented with her medallion!
Master Paul carries my chaplet into court. It was made by Estrid, Baroness Nordmark. She comes from my home shire.
King Vitus places the chaplet on my head. Or should I say on my wulsthaube. 🙂 The cloak is Drachenwalds elevation cloak and was put on my shoulders by Mistress Alienor and Mistress Bridget.
It is hard to be in a bad mood when one has just gotten a Laurel! I was very happy that I went to the event and that I didn't burn my new dress... 😉
After my ceremony. Picture taken by Duchess Cecilia Jonsdotter.
Me at the Grand Court at Double Wars one day after my ceremony. I am wearing the chaplet made by Baroness Estrid and a broche medallion given to me from my lord and quite a few friends. It is a Pelican/Laurel medallion from Darkridge Jewels made out of silver, amber, fresh water pearls and garnets.