The making of new peers

Last weekend two of my friends were elevated to two different orders within the SCA.
Countess Mariana was elevated to the Order of the Laurel in Atenveldt and for that occasion I had sent some words and a pair of needlebound mittens.

Naale bound mittens out of wool with embroidered laurels. The mittens are made of the same colours as Marianas personal arms.

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New Stüchlein – teaser!

I have been very busy lately, but to show you a bit of what is to come I will post a picture of my new stüchlein that I finished this morning!
In a week or so I will be able to post something longer about this project with my theories and research material.
For now I can tell you that the outer part of the headwear is made out of a nice thin linen, the black stripes are a vintage silk trim and the golden one is a vintage metal thread vestment trim.
More on the contruction to come and more pictures from all angles too!

My new German 16:th century headwear!

Bling my medallion

When I was elevated to the Order of the Pelican within the SCA, two of my dear friends took me medallion shoping at Pennsic. The medallion used for my ceremony was awesome in the sense of lineage – but was not something to be used on a regular basis.
They ended up getting 2 medallions for me – one heavy made out of bronze and onw from Raymonds Quiet Press.
The latter I have never used, but for some reason I knew it was important.
Today I know why.
After studying the Kleinodienbuch der Herzogin Anna von Bayern 1552-1555 I knew why I had wanted that medallion!
Now – what is to come is NOT a very historically correct process – but sometimes I allow myself to use modern techniques to achieve a correct look for German 16:th century accessories.
With some glass pearls, some brass pins, jewelry making components and superglue (GAH!) I blinged my medallion!
The chain still needs to be shortened and I will need to put a clasp on.
But this is the result of just one hours work!

My newely blinged Pelican medallion.

How to start a new project

We all have our different rutines and thoughts about how to start a new project.
For years I have been doing things backwards. I have read up on the project – but I haven’t done the written documentation.
And sometimes I have had to back track my work when writing the documentation months after the project is done.
Not a very good way to do it.

So to motivate myself to do it the right way this time I did some project shopping.
And now I am not talking about materials for the dress or anything like that.
No I went and got myself some inspirational research supplies.
There is nothing like a nice notebook, a brand new pen that will not fail you half way through the research and a folder to save all the prints from the project!
Now this might seam trivial and unnecessary – but it works for me.
Just like some new sneakers can be a motivation to start exercising again.

So tonight when I get home I will put all the prints of inspirational pictures and patterns from Anna Neuper’s modelbuch that I copied in the folder.
And tomorrow I will  put the new notebook and pen to use!