What I have been up to

I feel I have neglected this blog for long enough so I thought I’d just make a quick post and show you what I have been up to. 🙂

I have made myself a 14:th century hood out of a hand woven fabric that I bought at Pennsic more than a year ago.
The hood was all stitched together for a long while before I dared to make the buttonholes and sew on the buttons.

14:th century hood with pewter buttons.

The fabric i got from this lady.
The lining is a merino wool from Versace that I got at a local fabric store and the pewter buttons, bells and laurel bezants are all from Billy & Charlies.

I also took up illumination again.
And I started with a pelican scroll for Viscountess Genevieve la Flachiere.
I couldn’t be there on her big day so I asked her if she would allow for me to do the illumination. Since I don’t do calligraphy I had to find someone else to do that.
Since I know how much Her Excellency likes heraldry I put as much heraldry on the scroll that I possibly could.
I also exchanged one of the animals on the scroll for a cat from the Luttrell Psalter – her lord hinted to me that she loves cats and I know that the Luttrell manuscript is expecially dear to her aswell.

Pelican scroll for Viscountess Genevieve la Flechiere. Illumination by me and calligraphy by Lady Lyonet de Covenham.

And finally – I have started to make a few items for some friends of mine that won An Tir Crown and they needed some things for their largess.
And this summer I spent a few days over the dye pots learning more about this art and one of my teachers was Her Highness Caoimhe, so I used some of the yarn from our dye session this summer (at Cudgel War here in Finland) to make a naalebound hat that they can give away to someone worthy.
I like to call it ”The Giant Boob Hat”. 😉

Naalebound hat made with the Finnish stitch. The orange yarn is from a madder after bath and the purple decoration dyed with cochenille and an over dye of indigo.

Right now I am working on some blank scrolls so that I can make our signet happy and I just cut out an underdress for a new viking dress I am planning to make.
For the apron dress of that outfit I did a really simple tablet woven trim.

Tablet woven trim – a simple 4 turns forward and 4 turns backward pattern.

So that is it for now.
I am still around and I will not neglect the blog this much again – I promise!

Warmth for Royalty!

Made a pair of mittens each for the King and Queen of Drachenwald, UlfR and Caoihme.
The yarn is naturally dyed and was donated to this project by the fantastic Sahra from Hibernaatiopesäke and the colours chosen were ofcourse the Drachenwald colours!

The King got mittens with langet stitch decorations and the Queen got a pair with a nice thick fringe.
And now I will stop posting all the mittens I make since you might all start thinking that the only thing I do is mittens! 😉

Tonight I will continue sewing on the skirt part of my woolen Cranach dress!

Mittens for a King!
Mittens for a Queen

The making of new peers

Last weekend two of my friends were elevated to two different orders within the SCA.
Countess Mariana was elevated to the Order of the Laurel in Atenveldt and for that occasion I had sent some words and a pair of needlebound mittens.

Naale bound mittens out of wool with embroidered laurels. The mittens are made of the same colours as Marianas personal arms.

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About getting sidetracked

This is something that happens to the best of us.
In the middle of a big project we suddenly feel a need for a smaller project – and we get sidetracked.
The problem is to get back to the original project once you find something other that is fun to do.

I got sidetracked from the dress project by the fantastic fabric I got for my Goldhaube.
And then, while starting my research on that – I got sidetracked again and started needlebinding mittens!
So by now I am two projects removed from the original project…
I do not have a solution for how to avoid this.
Especially since I don’t like killing creativity. And I am afraid that I would kill my creativity if I continued on something by force.
However – once the mitten gets its mitten buddy – I WILL get back to the dress project and the Goldhaube.
Those are at elast technically the same project.

My first needle bound mitten made with the Finnish stitch.