Progress on gift item

Today I attatched the ensignia embroidery on the wool the pouch will be made of.
First I cut off exessive fabric around the embroidery, then I attatched the embroidery to the fabric with regular hem stitches. I had to undo it once and reattatch it since it became obviously tilted.

After it was all fastened to the background fabric I took a piece of the DMC yarn and couched it down around the edges of the patch to cover any of the white linnen showing around the edges.

The embroidery all fastened on the pouch outer fabric.

Estrella giftbasket project

Since one of my eminent minions (Viscountess Whilja) is the King and Queens chamberlain she is in charge of getting the giftbasket for Estrella War together – and hence I feel it my obligation to suport her work. 😀
The King and Queen will hand the giftbasket over to Their Majesties of Calontir so I decided to make something with their ensignia on. And due to the far travelling that we Drachenwalders have to do to attend events across the big pond, we can’t make to big or to heavy items.

After finding out what other people in the Barony where I live are planing to do, I finally decided to make an alms/reliquary pouch.
On the pouch I will aplique an embroidered patch with the Calontir ensignia.
After three days of cursing and hating the embroidery – it is finally done! The reason for the cursing was basically the fact that I made the crosstitch embroidery on a regular linnen fabric which is woven of uneaven threads and which is quite tightly woven.
I used the charter made for the Atlantian embroiderers guild which has brilliant charters for all Kingdom badges! The yarn used is regular DMC yarn since I happened to have the right colours at home – however they are not the ones recomended on the charter.

The embroidery measures about 5,4 x 5,4 cm (about 2 incehs) and this is how it turned out:

The embroidery I made for the alms pouch that will be part of the Estrella giftbasket from Drachenwald.

Overload of inspiration

I am currently suffering from a complete overload of inspiration when it comes to the projects I want to do for myself…
A very odd thing, this overload… The result is that I want to start all parts of the project at the same time, but instead of getting anything done I can’t concentrate on one. I end up doing a littlebit here, a little bit there not really getting started on anything…
The only thing that has made any progress is the skirt for the planned Cranach style dress. I am currently sewing down the leave on the inside of the first stripe but it takes forever as it always does with full German Renaissance skirts.

Some good news today was that I got a message from the National Museum in Copenhagen that my copy of Medieval Garments Reconstructed – Norse Clothing Patterns, has shipped! And on top of that I found a better place to buy my freshwater pearls for the bead embroideries on the Cranach dress! Turns out I can get 40 strands for the same price as I would pay for 24 strands in a different place… 😀

Today I also started the small project I will make for the Drachenwald giftbasket at Estrella thta will be given to the King and Queen of Calontir. However, I was quickly reminded that one shouldn’t do counted thread embroidery when it is late and one is already tired…
Tomorrow I will have to undo some tiny crosstitches and correct my error…

Warmth for Royalty!

Made a pair of mittens each for the King and Queen of Drachenwald, UlfR and Caoihme.
The yarn is naturally dyed and was donated to this project by the fantastic Sahra from Hibernaatiopesäke and the colours chosen were ofcourse the Drachenwald colours!

The King got mittens with langet stitch decorations and the Queen got a pair with a nice thick fringe.
And now I will stop posting all the mittens I make since you might all start thinking that the only thing I do is mittens! 😉

Tonight I will continue sewing on the skirt part of my woolen Cranach dress!

Mittens for a King!
Mittens for a Queen

The making of new peers

Last weekend two of my friends were elevated to two different orders within the SCA.
Countess Mariana was elevated to the Order of the Laurel in Atenveldt and for that occasion I had sent some words and a pair of needlebound mittens.

Naale bound mittens out of wool with embroidered laurels. The mittens are made of the same colours as Marianas personal arms.

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New Stüchlein – teaser!

I have been very busy lately, but to show you a bit of what is to come I will post a picture of my new stüchlein that I finished this morning!
In a week or so I will be able to post something longer about this project with my theories and research material.
For now I can tell you that the outer part of the headwear is made out of a nice thin linen, the black stripes are a vintage silk trim and the golden one is a vintage metal thread vestment trim.
More on the contruction to come and more pictures from all angles too!

My new German 16:th century headwear!

Tallinn find!

Yesterday I was in Tallinn with my friend that runs the bolg Neulakko.
We went with the intent of having a nice and relaxing time which we succeded with really good!
But we also had a few items on our shopping lists – like glasses and pottery from Olde Hansas store and we both had some materials for projects that we wanted to look for.
We visited a giant fabric store but it was so big and so messy that it was almost impossible to find anything.
They did have a few nice linnens and they had some nice big rolls of metal thread for embroidery or brocade weaving, so now if I run out of the metal threads I know where to find it.
I had really my mind set on some of the silk velvet that a store in Tallinn has because I was hoping it would match one of the silk/wool brocades I have.
But the brown velvets were completely the wrong shade so I was quite disapointed.
But then we found something! And it made up for the velvet being in the wrong shade!
I found the perfect fabric for a goldhaube!
It is 90% silk and 10% metal thread and it is patterened – but not in a way that it would ruin the look of a saxon style dress.
So I will most likely take a bit of a break from making my Cranach dress and start researching and making the goldhaube instead.

A silk/metal thread fabric that I will use for my goldhaube.

The plan is to make the haube in the style of the painting below.

The inspiration for a goldhaube.