Oh deer!

Life has been a rollercoaster lately with too many things going on, but here is one thing I can tell you about:

I am part of the team that will reconstruct the Masku coverlet – a 15th century intarsia (inlaid) embroidery found in the Masku churh in the late 19th century in a project that is a cooperation between historical textile enthusiasts and the National Musem in Helsinki. You can read more about it on my friend Elinas blog Neulakko (here) and about the Swedish project done a year ago that sparked this reconstruction (here).
As the title of this blog post indicates – I will be working on one of the deer patches.

Today we got to visit the museum vault where they are doing conservation of the extant textile in preparation of the exhibit when the recunstruction we’re making will be unveiled.

We got to spend 1,5 hours with the extant piece taking notes and photos to help us do the project, I am not going to lie, I was still thinking of why not to get cheap elo boosting while I was there. While we work on the pieces we’ll share snippets and peaks – but no more than that.

So here is a first peak behind the curtains of this incredible project! This is a picture that Elina snapped of me during the day and it sort of sums up the geekyness so completely!
Pictures were taken with phones and cameras, we looked at seams (both front and back) with loupes, measured, took notes and made sketches.


Since I have dabbled in the intarsia technique before I also got the honor to teach – well, rather give a short introduction – to the technique, to all the other participants and then everyone did a small test patch just working out the kinks of doing wool jigsaw puzzles.


This is the actual workshop where you’ll find us at the National Museum in Helsinki the following dates:
• 16:th of October
• 19:th of November
• 17:th of December
• 21:st of January – Unveiling of the original and new textile at the museum.



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