Hookes and eyes

They sit on the inside of garments and are rarely visible — but it feels oh so good to know they are hand made and fashioned after archeological finds.

On top of this they are super easy to make.

Here are the tools you need:

A small ruler to measure the wire, a round rod to bend the eyes around, pliers to cut the wire with, round jewelry pliers to make the tiny loops at the ends of the wire and flat jewelry pliers to squeeze the wire together.

I use the cutting pliers to hold the bits that will become hooks while I squeeze the wire with the flat jewelry pliers.

Here are the different stages of making hooks:

And here are the different stages of making eyes:

I use 1 mm brass wire and I cut the hoos bits to 4,5 cm and the eye bits to 3,5 cm (measurements that my friend Tece de Kaxtone figured would work best).

These hand made hooks and eyes do hold the garment together brilliantly and as you can see it is not rocket science and goes super fast to make.

I have based mine on finds from Kempten in Germany.

D-BY-Kempten_-_Allgäu-Museum_-_Mühlberg-Ensemble_-_Haken_und_Ösen (1)

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