Do you see all the good things around you?

It might just be me, my Social Media walls and my surroundings – but lately I have only seen lots of negative posts about the SCA and events that people have visited. It seems that only bad stuff is happening and nothing fun, inspiring or good ever occurs anymore.

As we all know – what we see is what we get – so if we only see all the bad and negative aspects of an SCA event we will go home and write an update on Facebook of how boring the event was and only shitty stuff happened. The food was bad, someone was an ass, the landed people made the most outrageous requests, it was cold, the wrong people got the awards and on top of that the laurels bashed everyone who doesn’t hand sew, the knights rhinoed and the pelicans didn’t lift a finger.
An update like that will not really spread any joy or inspiration for others to want to join in or to get excited about the next event.

In any large gathering of humans it is impossible for everyone to get along. However – we all still have the choice of behaving like adults.
Will it really make things any better if you are rude to someone that hurt your feelings once? (Before you answer yes to this, let me just tell you that you being rude hurts the other person AND it steals of YOUR energy and it will put you in a negative mindset that might influence the amount of fun you have at the event.)

So here is a challenge for ALL of you for 2016:
The next time you go to an event, look around you and notice all the positive and good things that happen around you.
When you get home from the event – don’t write a negative status update or just a general thank you to all who arranged the event. Write a post and list three things that happened at the event that made you happy, made you smile, gave you inspiration or moved you in some way.
Let us all make 2016 into a much more positive year!
If you want to use hash tags I suggest that you use #SCAthreegoodthings or #SCApositive.
I know the last one sounds a bit like being positive for a disease – but I am actually happy to be infected with the SCA virus. 🙂
Are you with me on this?

9 thoughts on “Do you see all the good things around you?

  1. Catherine King

    Outstanding commentary. Thank you and I’ll take the challenge of 3 good and positive things for each event.

  2. Totally agree… if I wasn’t event crew and married to the co-autocrat/feast chef for Coronation…… 😉

    I’ll get back to enjoying them after suffering death by complexity.


    1. Annika Madejska

      Antonio — perhaps you’ll still get surprised by someone that helps you and your wife out a lot more than expected. Or that someone tells you that a problem was solved without having to bother you. 🙂

  3. Sally

    This isn’t my SCA! Every group of people is going to have a few who focus on themselves and their own agrandisement. There will be a few who judge others by their ability to be more or less “authentic”. I have met mostly with those who admire folks for their crafts and abilities. I, personally, don’t have the money to have absolutely authentic garb or other play things. I do the best I can and live with it. I find my joy in serving – mostly wherever there is a kitchen I can help in, in helping others find their way into our game.

    1. Annika Madejska

      I am glad you find your joy at events. That is really what this challenge is about. I want people to go find their joy and not care about those they don’t get along with.

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