Gollar for Mistress Whilja de Gothia

Me and Whilja efter I gave her the gollar at her post vigil. Picture by Lady Aelfwynne (Stina Silverstielk).

This blog post is way over due!
My former protégé Viscountess Whilja de Gothia was elevated to the Order of the Laurel in the SCA in May this year.
I couldn’t make it all the way to sunny Caid from my home in Drachenwald, but I knew I would see Whilja at Midsummer Coronation in her homelands of Nordmark so I helped out with a few small surprises for her vigil in Caid (like teaching the people speaking for her how to say ”I speak for Whilja” in Swedish, which is ”Jag talar för Whilja”) and then we planned an open little post vigil for her at Drachenwald Midsummer Coronation.
We wanted to give her a chance to hear from all her friends in Drachenwald so during the afternoon fika (look that up – it is an awesome Swedish daily necessity!) at the event, we set up a little table, arranged a little vigil book and she got served coffee with her favorite liquer Lakka. Lady Aelfwynne had painted a pretty laurel banner and we brought our vigil gifts for Whilja.

I made Whilja a gollar with a slashed laurel decoration to go with her landsknecht clothing.
It is made out of a madder red tabby wool, flat lined with white linen and the decoration is made from green silk and a white wool twill that was apliqued on the madder red gollar.
My gollar pattern is a 4 part pattern with a center back seam and the collar is part of the 4 panels.

Testing the slash pattern on the white wool.
The silk was gently attached to the white wool with a prick stitch and then the strip was apliqued to the gollar using a thick wool yarn as a filler and white silk thread to stitch it in place.

Documentation of the pattern:

Albrecht Dürer: Porträtt av en ung kvinna. NMH 1855/1863
Albrecht Dürer: Portrait of a young woman.
NMH 1855/1863
Miklaus Manuel Bürgerliche Frauentracht 1543. Germanisches Nationalmuseum.

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