Apprentice got elevated!

Last weekend, the 6:th of September, my apprentice Eva Grelsdotter was put on vigil by Their Majesties of Drachenwald to be elevated the next day for her art of cooking.
Of course this was all carefully prepared in secret by a lot of her friends and her husband to make sure that she got a perfect vigil and a perfect elevation. 🙂

Eva in her vigil tent!
The pies were made by Lady Sahra and Lady Åsa the evening before the vigil – and both recipes were carefully chosen from Evas own recipes! 😉 We left space on the table for the gifts that Eva would get!

I can not even begin to express how happy I am for her and how proud I am of my very talented friend!
We gave her a laurel wreath as a vigil gift made by EvaJohanna Studios – another one of my very talented friends!

Laurel wreath made by EvaJohanna Studios – known as Baroness Estrid in the SCA. Picture is also taken by her. She has a store on Etsy that I have linked to in this blog and she does take orders!

Evas vigil lasted until 3.30 in the morning and me and her husband escorted her from her vigil to get some rest.
In the morning we slept in and missed the Investiture of our new baronial couple which was a shame but the awesome and long vigil had really drained us of energy.
In the evening court Eva was elevated to the Order of the Laurel.
During that ceremony she was also given the scroll that I had illuminated for her and that Lady Magdalen carefully calligraphed!

Illumination was based on the Neapolitan Luxury bible from 1360. The miniature shows Evas art to the left with a queen by a table and to the right is her vigil tent with a night sky since I know that Eva loves the night sky! I even checked in what phase the moon would be so it would match her vigil night.

If I would tell about everything that happened during the planning of her vigil and elevation and everything that happened at the event – this would make one really long blog post – so I will just end this little brag of my first apprentice who I am now proud to call my peer with a picture of us two together. After her elevation. 😀

Mistress Eva Grelsdotter and me – Meisterinne Katheryn Hebenstreitz! I also got the honor to speak for Eva as a laurel during her elevation ceremony. Something that I almost managed to do without starting to cry. But at the end of my speach – the tears of happiness came falling down … 🙂 Picture taken by Mistress Lia de Thornegge.

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