It’s everyones vacation – not only yours

I am sorry for being quiet for so long and that this post won’t be on any of my textile projects but instead yet another observation I have made that makes me feel I need to well… put things bluntly. 😉

When we go to events we all do it on our spare time. Well at least most of us. Very few make a living out of this hobby.
Now I do understand that everyone doesn’t pitch in at all events – sometimes when you have carried a heavier load as autocrat or head cook you are allowed to just enjoy yourself at other events.
What gets me is when people stand next to the autocrat, head cook or someone who is carrying a heavy bit of an event and say:
– I am not helping out because I am on vacation.
Seriously – WTF?!
It is EVERYONES vacation or time off!
When you are having a break from pitching in – chose what you say around the people that are working their asses off while you enjoy yourself!

And just because you are having an event off from carrying a heavy burden – does that prevent you from carrying out the trash?
Or to replace the box for bottle collection?
Or wipe off a table?
What I am trying to say – yeah, do take time off from heavy work but if everyone either works or don’t lift a finger – the burden becomes very heavy on the autocrating team.
Help them with small things so that they actually can enjoy some parts of the event too!
And if everyone helps out just one hour during an event – everyone will have lots more time for having fun.
If there are 70 people at an event who are able to do some work and 5 of those are on the autocrating team – that means that technically they could get 65 hours of help!
And at long events that lasts more than a weekend – this help becomes extra important!
And if YOU help out for an hour when you are having an event off – the likelyhood that you yourself will get help when you are the atuocrat will be a lot higher…

Things happen, sometimes we have to take back an offer of help that we have made. At some points in life we might not be able to help because if illnesses, small children or for other reasons.
I myself had to withdraw from a promise I made and it was really hard for me – but mundane life has taken a twist and my spare time will be diminished for a while.
But I didn’t say there will be no help from me at all?
I will still do what I can and once on site where I have time since I am there enjoying my vacation – I will pitch in to make sure that not just a few people do all the work.

If we all help out everyone gets to have a vacation.
And everyone will leave the event happy, full of nice impressions and memories of the fun they had.
Instead of a big mass leaving happy and the few that organized the whole thing leave the site saying: I will never ever autocrat ever again.

6 thoughts on “It’s everyones vacation – not only yours

  1. So true. Includign how miserable you feel when you’re so ill that you really can’t do more than sit, walk and eat your medicines and you know that helping out will push you over the edge.

  2. Your post here sounds like some of my own recent blog posts regarding people whining about the changes to Pennsic this year (which are happening, in part, due to lack of volunteers). It is a very frustrating situation.

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