Sorry for the silence!

I haven’t written in a while due to a very busy summer, so here is a quick catch up!
For Pennsic I made a heraldic 14:th century sideless surcote with my own arms on half the skirt and the drachenwald arms on the other half.

Sideless surcote with drachenwald arms on the left side and my own on the right side. It is made of wool and lined with silk. All the dragons, trees, flowers and seeblatts are hand apliqued. There are 29 pieces of aplique on the dress.

Pennsic was absolutely fantastic and I managed to find the guest teacher for Double Wars 2012!
I am happy to announce that Mistress Isobel Gildingwater (also known as Attack Laurel) will come to teach at next years Double Wars!
The planning of her classes at the event has already started and I am very excited about all the fantastic input we will get in late period costuming!

When it comes to my own projects I have started to work on a 14:th century hood made of a naturally dyed and hand woven wool fabric that I got at Pennsic.
The pattern is made by Elina and it is a Greenland style hood. It will be buttoned with Billy & Charlies buttons with a yellow glas stone and will be lined with a soft lamb wool fabric.
However, I haven’t made that much 14:th century stuff and got a bit nervous about cutting my fantastic fabric so I went to my friend Mervi to cut the hood and do some woad dyeing at the same time!
And Mervis dog Eikka also found the hand woven fabric fantastic and made sure to help me with the hood by making a bed out of the cut out pieces… 🙂

Me and Mervi planning and cutting the hood out of the hand woven fabric.


One of the front gores of the hood sewn into place.
Eikka taking a nap on my project.

So the rest of this autumn projects are the following:

*New Greman 16:th century dress with secret jacket project (planned to be done for the event Garden of Earthly Delights)
*14:th century clothing to go with the hood (buttons ordered and fabrics from Naturtuche choosen but will be ordered in October)
*New viking outfit where the apron dress will also be made out of naturally dyed and hand woven fabric aquired at Pennsic.
*New warderobe for my boyfriend – I will help him with cutting but he will do all the sewing!

And on top of this I also have a Cranach dress project and a new landsknecht dress project…
Looks like I have my work cut out for the next year or so!

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