Warning about Matuls

This is a message I had hoped I didn’t have to write. But this is mine and my lords story that has dragged on for 2 years.Me and Sir GrimR bought a tent from a Polish merchant called Matuls  in 2009.

That summer we went to Cudgel War with the tent and the cotton canvas tent that was supposed to be mildew treated and waterproofed got mildew while standing up in the sun! Most likely morning dew was the factor – but still – a tent should not get mildew while standing up. And during a brief rain it turned out that all the seams of the tent were leaking.After being blamed for packing the tent wet and some other accusations – we finally agreed to ship the tent back, pay some extra and get a linen pavilion instead.

The tent was never delivered in time for next years Cudgel war so we lost even more money since we had to book indoor sleeping.Once the tent arrived it was 3,5 meters in diameter instead of 4 meters! We couldn’t even fit our bed into the tent!Once again – the tent was picked up by a delivery service and sent back.

The next tent that arrived came in late October/early November when we already had snow. In March I had an extensive shoulder surgery so we never had a chance to put the pavilion up for testing until June.When we did that it turned out that it was delivered with the wrong spokes (they were too long), it had 1,5 meters of rope in one piece for closing when it should have a loop closing that takes a LOT more rope than 1,5 meters, it wasn’t delivered with any tent pegs (which was promised when we talked to the merchant – we were supposed to keep the old AND get new ones which he now conveniently had forgotten) and it didn’t have a peg to keep the centre piece for the spoke wheel in place – we had to find a long nail…

When this was mentioned to the merchant he just said: it is a bit late contacting me now and I never promised you any new tent pegs – you got to keep the old ones and it’s not really a problem with too long spokes – it would be worse if they were to short.We ordered a COMPLETE tent – not a puzzle we have to put together ourselves.

Now I have just returned from Cudgel War where it turns out that the new linen tent also leaks from every spot where the spokes meet the canvas so all out stuff has to be gathered to the middle of the pavilion, some sections of the tent go much darker which shows that they are not properly treated against water.

Our tent is unfortunately not the only one that has had issues. At least 3 other tents that have been delivered to people here in Aarnimetsä (Finland) have been lacking in quality. Some severely.The most disturbing thing is however how the merchant Matuls is not willing to deal with any kind of reclamations. He blames the customers, has bad excuses and just does everything to NOT have to help his clients get what they ordered.Customer service is simply not in his vocabulary.And since I speak Polish it can’t even be blamed on language issues.

So please take warning and do not buy from this merchant! If you are unlucky and your goods are faulty you will spend an eternity trying to make him set things right.

And please do cross post to any other lists and spread it to other societies as well!I really do not wish upon anyone else what we have gone through!

PS. One of his tents that was in use for the second time got so heavy during a rain fall that the center pole broke though the canvas. In the tent there was a little baby sleeping!

10 thoughts on “Warning about Matuls

  1. My name is Tomasz Ślebioda and I am the owner of Matuls Company, I would like to put some different light on this case.
    Yes Anika have ordered a tent not a puzzle and she has received a tent. A tent that I personally brought to Finland and put up at Turku’s Medieval Festival. The tent that I used there for few days without noticing any mildgrow apperaing without any reason like it was described.

    First report about problem I received few weeks or months later, I can`t remember it now however it wasn`t soon after I left the tent in Finland.

    Normaly without any proof no firm considers claim however Annika was a friend of my finish frinds I decided to take the tent back despites the fact that the tent could be used and stored in bad way. Also the factory that makes the fabric wouldn’t deal with my complaint without proofs, just words.

    After I received the tant and opened the pack we could clearly feel that it was moist.
    I don`t now if it was packed like that or caught moist during travel, I don`t know and don`t want to blame anyone.

    I agreed to make new tents in linen and deliver them to Finland.
    As it was supossed to be the same size of the tent, there was nothing wrong with pegs or wooden rack so I clearly asked and it was agreed that there is no sense in sending wood and pegs as this would just caused sensless costs.

    So we agreed both that I will shipp fabric part only as the rest stayed in Finland!
    First time I read here about some additional pegs as there was nothing wrong with them!

    We made tent in linen and here was my true fault.
    That time we had so many orderes that I had to cooperate with another craftsmen and he was asked to made that unfortunate tent and other 2 tents for finish association.

    After delivery it showed of that his idea or sizes is different then mine, yes they were smaller then were supposed to be. Without any superfluous debate I asked again to shipp all the tents back paying for the shipping fee.

    We made news tent in proper sizes and send them to Finland. After that I had no news from Annika for many months. Oh and one more thing, dear Annika forgot to mention that the group from Finalnd received one additional tent for free! I offered them that tent to apology for all that mess.
    Another thing is that Annika mentioned me that other customers, that we both know, have problems with tents and do not like them. I contacted them asap and what was my surprise when I heard from them that they are pleased using the tent but it is a bit small for them now. It wasn`t smaller then written at website, simply they needed bigger tent now and they ordered new one from me!
    First they bought norman tent in size 2×4 and later norman tent in size 3×6.
    However I am shure that Annika just forgot that facts and not deliberately ignored them just to harm someone or to spred false informations.

    Now it is time for epilog.
    After many months, when I already forgot about that case, made compensation to my finish friends again appears Annika with her aggresive tone and problems.
    Just for the record, after such time no seller is obligated to take back the item.
    I tried to explain details about the tent, leaks at the seam in the places where the seams are stretched can happend as this is natural fabric not plastic. A bit of impregnat in spray – the same that is used for shoes or modern tents would remedy that trouble.
    Another thing – linen fabric shrinks when wet, so you have to control the ropes and lose them a bit durng rain. Sorry that using them is a bit complicated then modern ones but I thought this is fun for real re-enactors who prefer historical correctnes.

    If someone claims to be such experienced re-enactor and do not knows how the linen fabric acts when wet then is something strage indeed.

    Fortunetly we were able to eliminate all problems mentioned above. I do not use cooperators now, we moved to new place and bigger building and now we have enough space and production possibilities to make the tents on our own and takeing care about their quality. I also enclose wrriten instruction informing about tents properities.

    Geting back to the case, I was really angry that after such time someone writes to me shouting and threatens me without wish to listen to me.
    However again after speaking with my finish friends from association I offered my help.
    I informed Annika that if she don`t like her tent so much and if there are so many problems then I will offer her new one completly for free! She didn`t have to send me the old one even and could keep it. After that I have never received answer from her. Print screens are available to all that will ask for that at matuls@wp.pl

    Summing up.
    All the time I did more then I was obligated by law and by myself offered compensation for all troubles. I run this company for more then 8years now and I am honest man and treat customers with proper esteem. Me personally would really wish to buy the stuff only from sellers like me.
    Sometimes my friends say that I am even too polite and too often take the customers side.
    Now you could read both siedes, judge it on your own.

    1. I am a very reasonable and easy going person – I think that anyone who knows me can testify to that.
      However, if I am treated wrongly and if someone tries to play me for a fool I will fight for my rights.
      Your reply here on my blog mirrors the tone you have had with us all along and it speaks for itself.
      You have not been willing to listen, you have been accusing us for all sorts of things and your tone is very offending.
      Thank you for showing this in public.

      It is very interesting that you remember thnigs so differently. And here are a few points to show that you haven’t really been listening:
      * You emidiately accused us of packing the tent wet – even since we sent you photographs of the tent still STANDING at the site where it got the milldew and even though we had witnesses from the people that you actually trust here in Finland. I still have the pictures if anyone wants to see them. It was packed dry and if it was moist at arrival to you it was something that happened during transportation. The milldew however got there BEFORE THE TENT WAS EVEN PACKED!!!!! When we reported this – you did not even TRY to listen. And THAT is where everythnig went wrong. Your tone has not at all been nice and you have not wanted to cooperate in any way – your tone has been accusing and impolite from the start.
      * New pegs and wooden parts HAD to be sent to the last linen tent since the old ones had all been shortened to fit the tent that was sent to us and that was to small.
      * I do NOT belong to the society that got the extra tent!!! I have pointed this out to you on SEVERAL occasions and hence I have no benefit from the compensation you have sent for all the trouble.
      * I have NEVER recieved an e-mail from you stating that you offer me a completelty new tent – that is why you haven’t gotten an answer from me.
      * I DO KNOW HOW TO TREAT A PAVILLION and I do know what to expct from them – it is YOU who accuse me of not knowing without ever even trying to understand our point of view.
      * The last pavillion was sent to us MONTHS delayed in the middle of Finnish winter (we got it in November and by november 14:th we already had loads of snow!) when it is IMPOSSIBLE to put the pavillion up and check it for flaws. THAT is why we couldn’t contact you until months later since last winter was extremely severe and long and we had no chance of putting the tent up earlier. If you had delivered the tent in time (the agreed time I might point out), you would have gotten our complaints earlier.

      If you had communicated in a polite and helpful manner from the start this would have played out completely differently.
      Just look at the comments on this thread – not even Mervi who was your friend contact here in Finland wanted to order a new tent from you!
      And yes – my tone is not polite either, but as a disappointed customer who TOLD you I would spread the word of how you treat your customers if you didn’t start cooperating it is hard to not use harsh words.

      I wish you the best of luck in your future buisness.
      I hope you will listen to your future customers better than you have listened to us.
      Usually people with buisnesses work after the principle that the customer should be listened to and to get a good reputation customers should be happy at the end of the deal.
      Just the fact that we had to struggle to get a tent for over a year and a half sort of prooves that you have not been easy to cooperate with.

  2. I did find a message from Matuls in my trash mail.
    The offer he made us was that we send the tent we currently have back and he will replace it AND send the money back.
    Now, I don’t think he will bother with my very late response to this e-mail I didn’t even know I got, but this is what I wrote back:

    I found your e-mail in my trash mail.
    As you can see you didn’t offer us a new tent and that we could keep the old but you offered us to send the one we have back and you would send us a new tent and a refund.
    If you still wish to send us a refund we would be more than happy.
    If you wish to do ti I have included the specifics for an EU transfer. If not then just discard this.
    You do not need to reply to me. I would consider it a gracious gesture if you did transfer money back.

  3. Izabella

    As a witness I have to say that I saw other customers new tent a few years ago. And I am remembering that they bought that from Matuls. (Correct me if I am wrong my friends if you can remember that.) That 10 days camp was quite wett, meaning it rained a lot. But still we had dry days during the camp. And during that time the new tent had mold/mildew on the bottom of the tent fabrics and in other parts too. Those parts of the tent were touching each others or the ground. I have to say that if there would be good protection the linen fabric wouldn’t do that. And I also have seen those tents from Matuls that they are really not the exact size what they promized to be, like that 2*4 tent. I wish that all these troubles would resolved like grown-ups and everyone would be happy because right now only good thing is the look of the tents in pictures. =/

    1. I am so sorry that it happened to you too. I guess this only shows that several years later he still has the same issues. And that his accusations of me and my husband being difficult clients were just desperate attempts to cover his own ass.

      1. Kalle Hejll

        Yepp! He claims that we have ordered a low tent altough we have ordered (and payd for) a hight tent. I asked for an orderconfirmation when I placed the order so that I could check that everything was ok but I did not get a written confirmation. I did finaly get a tent after 16 weeks and it was not the tent I did order.

      2. Well Kalle, you paid for low tent and you received low one. I also sent you part of our talk (in emails) where you agreed for tent we had in stock an it was low one. In stock means that we could shipp it right away however you wanted to paind the tent buy finally resigned as we need too much time for that so I can`t agree with opinion that tent we had in stock and kept for you was 8weeks late.

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