At the moment I am busy with preparations for the event here in Drachenwald called Double Wars.
I am responsible for the Arts and Science schedule as I have been the past 4 years or so. 🙂
This year we have a very promising schedule with loads and loads of classes, and currently I am working to get them all listed online. I am a bit late with this due to mu shoulder surgery, but I am hoping to have it all done this weekend.
I myself will be responsible for one workshop and one class – the workshop is a part of the Pennsic giftbasket and the class is a lecture on who the landsknecht women were.
I am at least hoping I will have time wnough to prepare that class!

I have also booked my tickets for Pennsic and this year I will attend the event for the full two weeks! I am looking forward to see my old friends and I am also hoping to meet some new. 🙂

For Double Wars I still have some hope to have my silk damask dress ready and for Pennsic I have some plans, but we will see what I will get started on as soon as I am done with all the work regarding Double Wars. The arm is still giving me trouble after the surgery and will most likely do so for quite some time, so I have had to lower my expectations on what I can achieve a bit.

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