Sneak peak

Just to show you what I am working on now…
Here are the fabrics for my next dress!
The red/bronze damask is 100% silk and so is the chocolate brown velvet!
The damask was aquired through ebay and the silk velvet was bought in my favourite store in Tallinn.
This project has been prepared and now I am just waiting for my shoulder to be well enough to cut it!

red/bronz silk damask and a chocolate brown silk velvet (it is actually 100% silk!) for my next German 16:th century dress!

6 thoughts on “Sneak peak

  1. It was actually not that expensive. 35$ per yard and I bought 5 yards. Yes, it is still a lot of money, but I have spent more on lower quality fabric than this back when I didn’t know how to get hold of real silk damasks… One just have to have patience with ebay and search and search and search… And ofcourse you have to count on some luck aswell. 🙂

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