Cute on the collar

Today I finally finished the embroidery for a shirt collar that I started about 4 years ago…
I am a bit ashamed to admit that this is one of the projects that I started and that for a long time looked like it would be forever forgotten and never finished…
However, when I got bronchitis this week I picked it up and actually managed to work my way through the whole piece!
Over the years I have done a bit here and a bit there – but never the kind of progress I made this week.

The embroidery is 41 cm long (16 inches) and 2 cm wide (a bit less then one inch).
I chose to make it rust red and black, the original was black and red.
The fabric is whatever linnen I found at home – and also the major reason why I almost abandoned the project…
I have not yet attatched it to the collar but I did pin it on so you will get a sneak peak!

The all done emrboiredy! Black and rust coloured silk on linnen, 41 cm long.






The embroidery roughly pinned on the collar of the shirt. The shirt is handsewn from thin hemp. The shirt ties are made with a lucet out of linnen thread.

2 thoughts on “Cute on the collar

  1. It looks beautiful! The delay in your getting around to finishing it seems to have been worth it.

    Sometimes, I think it’s not worth it to beat one’s self up about not “getting back to” or finishing an old project. I think that there’s times one instinctively avoids working on a project because one’s not ready to bring to it the resources (time e.g. ) it deserves. When you’re ready to work on something, that’s the time to work on it, other deadlines permitting.

  2. I think I had to grow into the kind of patience you need with embroidery. 🙂
    With the rest of the sewing it is more ”instant gratification” in the sense of that you can pretty much see where the project is heading with every seam you finish. And you can easily see if it turns out right.
    With embroidery you need a lot more patience since it tends to look like… crap pretty much up until you do the last stitch. Well perhaps not really like that – but not far from.
    Now I KNOW what a difference the embroidery makes and how fab it is once you get through the boring phases of making it.

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