Should have been done years ago…

Today I came home from an SCA event with loads of inspiration!
So I decided to start a brick stitch embroidery. However, I had completely ignored the fact that my small rotating frame still holds a corss stitch embroidery I started YEARS ago and that I never made any huge progress on.
So instead of being bad and taking that embroidery off the frame and sending it into oblivion – I started stitching away.
And I think I made more progress in just a few hours today than I have made in 4 years on this piece… 😉

One end is now all finished and in the other end I have some more of the rust coloured stitches left and after that it is only the centers of the squares to fill. Might even get done this week!
Once it is done I will sew it to the collar of one of my shirts.
The linnen is just any linnen I happened to have home and hence the threa counting has been slightly challanging.
The embroidery is done with silk giving it a really nice shine.
Looks like this year is starting out nicely with finishing of projects that have been left forgotten in some corner!

Black work embroidery from ”Needlework Patterns from Renaissance Germany”, the designs are recharted from Schön Neues Modelbuch 1597.

2 thoughts on “Should have been done years ago…

    1. Here is the full information on the ”book”. I write book like that since it is more a pamphlet than a book. 🙂
      Needlework Patterns from Renaissance Germany: Designs recharted by Kathryn Newell from Johan Sibmacher’s Schön Neues Modelbuch 1597
      Newell, Kathryn
      Costume & Dressmaker Press, Boulder CO, 1999

      It can be a bit tricky to find through online stores. I found my copy at Pennsic – the SCA event held in Pennsylvania every year at the begining of August. (In case you aren’t familiar with it.)

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