Overload of inspiration

I am currently suffering from a complete overload of inspiration when it comes to the projects I want to do for myself…
A very odd thing, this overload… The result is that I want to start all parts of the project at the same time, but instead of getting anything done I can’t concentrate on one. I end up doing a littlebit here, a little bit there not really getting started on anything…
The only thing that has made any progress is the skirt for the planned Cranach style dress. I am currently sewing down the leave on the inside of the first stripe but it takes forever as it always does with full German Renaissance skirts.

Some good news today was that I got a message from the National Museum in Copenhagen that my copy of Medieval Garments Reconstructed – Norse Clothing Patterns, has shipped! And on top of that I found a better place to buy my freshwater pearls for the bead embroideries on the Cranach dress! Turns out I can get 40 strands for the same price as I would pay for 24 strands in a different place… 😀

Today I also started the small project I will make for the Drachenwald giftbasket at Estrella thta will be given to the King and Queen of Calontir. However, I was quickly reminded that one shouldn’t do counted thread embroidery when it is late and one is already tired…
Tomorrow I will have to undo some tiny crosstitches and correct my error…

One thought on “Overload of inspiration

  1. Eva

    This year I try to do things differently. I also have projects that have lots of different parts that has to be done before the actual project is done. So I listed everythig and made a schedule about what I will start doing in which month of this year. This helps me because I love schedules and making lists 🙂

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