Elevation of a friend

This last weekend my friend known in the SCA as Helena von Eltz (to others known as Elina from Neulakko) was elevated to the Order of the Laurel. A very big occasion for an scadian. 🙂
My gifts to her were a patch to go on her hood (11 of her friends embroidered patches on the same base fabric) and a shoulder bag of wool lined with silk and withe a laurel wreath apliqued on the lid of the bag.
If you want to read more about the gifts and see all of the patches made for her hood go here.

I made my embroidered patch by couching a metal thread with an naturally dyed silk.
The same silk was used to outline each laurel leaf.
In the center I embroidered my initial letters with satin stitch. All outlining is done with split stitch.

Close up of my embroidered patch for Helenas Laurel hood.
The patch I embroidered for Helenas Laurel hood made with metal thread and silk.


























The bag was made of a nice and thick blue wool lined with a dark green silk. It still needs it final touches but the process of the aplique of the laurel wreath can be seen here:

I cut out a template of the laurel wreath and used one of the cut out leaves as template for the woolen leaves.
I pinned the leaves in place using the template.














All leaves in place!
I couced the leaves in place using a thick naturally dyed wool yarn that was couched with a thin one.











All done with the aplique!




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