The making of new peers

Last weekend two of my friends were elevated to two different orders within the SCA.
Countess Mariana was elevated to the Order of the Laurel in Atenveldt and for that occasion I had sent some words and a pair of needlebound mittens.

Naale bound mittens out of wool with embroidered laurels. The mittens are made of the same colours as Marianas personal arms.

The same day, but in Drachenwald, Dorothea was elevated to the Order of Chivalry as the first female fighter ever in the Kingdom!
For that occasion Dorotheas friends joined in a magnificent project of making her new clothes and accessories.
All was done in 14:th century style and again her arms was the source of inspiration.
This was my contribution to that gift:

A lirie pipe hood, based on one of the Hjerloefsneas finds. Pattern was made by Neulakko–Elina. It is out of black wool with a red silk lining. The pattern in the lining stands for lucky, happiness honor and once upon a time was reserved for the royal family.

Woolen banner made with applique and some split stitch decorations.
The banner att Dorotheas elevation ceremony. Picture taken by Jonas Evertsson.

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