About getting sidetracked

This is something that happens to the best of us.
In the middle of a big project we suddenly feel a need for a smaller project – and we get sidetracked.
The problem is to get back to the original project once you find something other that is fun to do.

I got sidetracked from the dress project by the fantastic fabric I got for my Goldhaube.
And then, while starting my research on that – I got sidetracked again and started needlebinding mittens!
So by now I am two projects removed from the original project…
I do not have a solution for how to avoid this.
Especially since I don’t like killing creativity. And I am afraid that I would kill my creativity if I continued on something by force.
However – once the mitten gets its mitten buddy – I WILL get back to the dress project and the Goldhaube.
Those are at elast technically the same project.

My first needle bound mitten made with the Finnish stitch.

2 thoughts on “About getting sidetracked

  1. Eva

    Hi 🙂

    I have always more than one project going on. I have projects which I can make when travelling with car/train etc. I have projects that I can easily take with me and make them at the coffee shop if I want and then I have bigger projects which I can only make at home. It is not always bad to have more than one project going on.. I try to avoid making things that can be done at car when I am at home. And I have already planned what I will do next weekend when I have to sit in car over 8 hours. 😀

    1. You are right! But I get sidetracked at home – with projects I should be doing on the train. 😉 The bad about being sidetracked as I described it above is that the more projects that come in between me and the original one – the harder it gets to pick up that original one… 😉 I have to plan for good project for that flight at the begining of October… 😉

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