Tallinn find!

Yesterday I was in Tallinn with my friend that runs the bolg Neulakko.
We went with the intent of having a nice and relaxing time which we succeded with really good!
But we also had a few items on our shopping lists – like glasses and pottery from Olde Hansas store and we both had some materials for projects that we wanted to look for.
We visited a giant fabric store but it was so big and so messy that it was almost impossible to find anything.
They did have a few nice linnens and they had some nice big rolls of metal thread for embroidery or brocade weaving, so now if I run out of the metal threads I know where to find it.
I had really my mind set on some of the silk velvet that a store in Tallinn has because I was hoping it would match one of the silk/wool brocades I have.
But the brown velvets were completely the wrong shade so I was quite disapointed.
But then we found something! And it made up for the velvet being in the wrong shade!
I found the perfect fabric for a goldhaube!
It is 90% silk and 10% metal thread and it is patterened – but not in a way that it would ruin the look of a saxon style dress.
So I will most likely take a bit of a break from making my Cranach dress and start researching and making the goldhaube instead.

A silk/metal thread fabric that I will use for my goldhaube.

The plan is to make the haube in the style of the painting below.

The inspiration for a goldhaube.

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