How to start a new project

We all have our different rutines and thoughts about how to start a new project.
For years I have been doing things backwards. I have read up on the project – but I haven’t done the written documentation.
And sometimes I have had to back track my work when writing the documentation months after the project is done.
Not a very good way to do it.

So to motivate myself to do it the right way this time I did some project shopping.
And now I am not talking about materials for the dress or anything like that.
No I went and got myself some inspirational research supplies.
There is nothing like a nice notebook, a brand new pen that will not fail you half way through the research and a folder to save all the prints from the project!
Now this might seam trivial and unnecessary – but it works for me.
Just like some new sneakers can be a motivation to start exercising again.

So tonight when I get home I will put all the prints of inspirational pictures and patterns from Anna Neuper’s modelbuch that I copied in the folder.
And tomorrow I will  put the new notebook and pen to use!

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