Pictures of inspiration

I have started a new project which will be a Cranach style dress – i.e. a Saxon style dress. The fabrics I will be using are perhaps not what traditionally is used when making dresses of this type, but I really like the colours of the two woolens I have and on top of that I have found other materials that are necessary for this project in the exact same shades of green and pinkish/purpleish.

I have spent quite some time looking for inspirational pictures and here are a few of them:

I love the beading on this dress and I have ordered fresh water pearls for this purpose.
I love the extremely silly hat! And the slashed sleeves are empting…
This has also helped with the dress construction. Her brustfleck covers the chemise – so it is not the chemise showing under the lacing. And I absolutely LOVE the sleeves!
This has also been very helpful in matters concerning the construction of the dress.
This picture has been helpful in matters concerning the construction of my dress. If you look by the knife you can see that the flap hanging from her waistline is her brustfleck. And this picture also indicates that the white puffs in the sleeves are actually part of the dress and not the chemise.
Once again – I love the beadwork and the sleeves!

How the dress finally turns out is a bit open.
I have started working on the skirt and as it looks right now it is green with a wide stripe of pinkish/purpleish at the bottom and one thinner a bit higher up.
I also know that I will do some brocade trim with gold metal thread. The patterns are selected from Anna Neupers Modelbuch of 16:th century German tablet weaving patterns – well brocade patterns.
I have ordered fresh water pearls of 2 sizes and I am planing to combine the brocade trim with metal thread embroidery and loads of pearls.
Yes – this project will take forever!

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